Filing A Lawsuit For A Spinal Cord Injury After A Motorcycle Accident

8 June 2022
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Was your motorcycle rear-ended by a large vehicle and the impact sent you flying off the bike? Motorcycle injuries are often the worst in a collision because there is nothing to protect the rider from making direct contact with the other vehicle, the ground, and anything else that they may come into contact with. If the impact of the collision caused you to land in a fashion that injured your spinal cord, you must make sure you are properly compensated. Read More 

Easy Estate Additions To Make

5 May 2022
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An estate is an important way to ensure that your loved ones know without a doubt about your wishes. However, some make the mistake of thinking that an estate is a one-and-done type of thing. Estate plans should be updated every year or so or when life sends changes your way. It's not necessary to redo the entire plan when you want to cover a new area, however, you can often simply have your lawyer prepare a few additional documents to add to the plan. Read More 

Under What Circumstances May You Need To Hire A Real Estate Tax Attorney? Read On!

29 March 2022
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As a real estate property owner, you are unlikely to avoid property taxes. However, you don't want to pay taxes that exceed the value of your property. Unfortunately, property tax issues arise when least expected, and you have to deal with them accordingly. And because property tax issues are usually delicate, your should contact a real estate tax attorney to intervene on your behalf. They understand everything concerning real estate or property taxes and can help you whenever you have a property tax issue to deal with. Read More 

Single Vehicle Accidents And Taking Legal Action

22 February 2022
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It's difficult enough to drive in traffic without being involved in an accident. In some cases, accidents happen when there are no other vehicles around. Read on and find out what victims can expect after a single-vehicle accident. Finding Fault While many accidents do involve other vehicles, you can also have a wreck involving road barriers, animals, ice, and more. If you accidentally crash into a tree after leaving the roadway, your own insurance will probably pay for your vehicle repair and any medical expenses. Read More 

Don’t Talk To The Police Without A Lawyer When Facing A DUI Charge

13 January 2022
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When the police believe that you are under the influence of alcohol, they might wish to talk to you. If you believe that you're innocent, you might believe that you can explain the situation to the police officer and avoid charges. However, this almost always backfires and can lead to your words being twisted and used against you. Instead, it's always better to talk to a DUI lawyer first. You Might Incriminate Yourself Read More