Hit by a Drunk Driver? Everything You Need to Know

25 August 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog

Dealing with a car crash is hard, and it becomes even worse when you discover it was caused by a drunk driver. Your car may be badly damaged, and you may have sustained injuries. However, when you find yourself in an accident with a drunk motorist, you need to stop and call the police. The police will do an investigation on the cause of the accident and even conduct a sobriety test. The drunk driver will be detained, and you can use the police report to file a claim. Keep in mind it's not always clear who is responsible for a car crash with a drunk motorist. Therefore, your claim won't be straightforward. To ensure that you receive compensation, hire a knowledgeable attorney. Your lawyer will use the police report and gather more evidence to prove that the drunk motorist was liable for the crash. Take these simple steps to protect your claim after a crash with a drunk motorist.

Stop Your Car And Call 911

Most drunk driving car crashes tend to be serious. However, regardless of how minor the crash may seem, ensure that you call 911 to the drunk driving crash scene so that the medics and law enforcers can respond. It's also important to give a detailed statement and point out to the police that the other motorist may be drunk. The police will use this information to determine if they should administer a DUI test. 

Write Down All The Details About The Car Crash

Immediately after the crash, ensure that you write down everything that is happening. This includes the other motorist's insurance and contact information, the names and contact information of bystanders, the names of the responding officers, and any observations that the other motorist may be intoxicated like the smell of alcohol and empty bottles. You can also take pictures of physical evidence to prove that the other motorist was intoxicated. 

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Once the medics arrive at the crash scene, ensure you get treated. If you've sustained significant injuries, the ambulance will take you to the hospital for more specialized treatment. Alternatively, you should visit a doctor immediately after the accident. The medical records will help your car wreck attorney prove that the negligent actions of the other motorist caused your injuries and make a claim. 

In case you get into a car crash that was caused by a drunk motorist, take the above simple steps. It's also advisable to hire a car accident attorney because criminal liability and civil liability are often settled separately. Therefore, just because the other motorist was convicted for drunk driving doesn't mean you'll automatically get compensated.