Several Bail Conditions To Consider Before Bailing Out Someone Arrested For Spousal Abuse

30 November 2021
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If someone contacted you and asked you to bail them out of jail and they're in for a domestic violence charge due to abusing their spouse, you need to make sure you know every condition of their release before you bail or bond them out of jail. Here are several examples of the pre-trial conditions typically given to people who are arrested for spousal abuse and seeking bail.  No Contact With the Victim Read More 

Understanding the Details That Go Into Using Professional Bail Bonds

25 October 2021
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The judge that arraigns you after your arrest may set your bail at an amount that you cannot afford to pay on your own. You do not want to remain behind bars before your next court date, however. You want to utilize a legal and affordable way to get out of jail and go home to await your next appearance. Instead of expecting relatives or friends to pay your bail, you can contact a bail bonds service to assist you. Read More 

Have You Been Involved In A Truck Accident? Here Are 4 Ways A Lawyer Helps

20 September 2021
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A truck accident can result in horrific aftermath due to its enormous size. Common causes of these accidents include driving too close to other cars, speeding, ignoring truck laws, drunk driving, and many more. If you are involved in a truck accident, you should contact a truck accident lawyer to help you navigate the following complexities. Determine the Liable Party Truck accidents are usually complicated and can prove difficult when determining the liable parties. Read More 

Why Doing Nothing Is Often The Best Choice In Defense Law

17 August 2021
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When a client meets with a defense attorney, they often want to know what their lawyer is going to do about the accusations they're facing. It's natural to want to actively defend yourself from criminal charges. However, a defense law attorney will often focus on the importance of doing nothing. Let's look at why that is and how it might work. Burden of Proof The central reason for a lawyer taking a relatively passive approach is because the burden of proof sits with the prosecution. Read More 

Is There a Set Amount for Child Custody?

7 July 2021
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No matter the circumstances of a breakup or dissolution, child support arrangements can be difficult for everybody. If you believe you will be ordered to pay child support, you likely have a lot of questions about where this figure will come from. Each state is different, but these are a few factors involved in determining child support payments. 1. There Is Usually a Guideline In some states, there is a set amount generally assigned to child support-paying parents. Read More