Is There a Set Amount for Child Custody?

7 July 2021
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No matter the circumstances of a breakup or dissolution, child support arrangements can be difficult for everybody. If you believe you will be ordered to pay child support, you likely have a lot of questions about where this figure will come from.

Each state is different, but these are a few factors involved in determining child support payments.

1. There Is Usually a Guideline

In some states, there is a set amount generally assigned to child support-paying parents. This set figure is based on the payer's income and the number of children involved. Of course, this is not a static figure, and the judge can make different stipulations based on several other factors.

2. Child's Age and Education

One of the first considerations is the child's age. Age can be an indicator of the child's needs. The court will also consider the child's current education. For instance, a child who attends private school may require that the support payments include tuition payments.

3. Health Insurance and Health Needs

Health insurance can be pricey, but children must have coverage. If a child qualifies for insurance under the plan of either parent, this may change the support payments. For example, you may pay less for child support if you are covering all of your child's health insurance. In other cases, children may have special health needs. For instance, if you have a child who needs to attend speech therapy, you may need to cover half the costs.

4. Custody Arrangement

A custody arrangement can also impact payments. For example, the court likely considers that you will spend more money on your child when he or she is in your care. You are providing support in the form of food, shelter, and clothing. So, you will only need to make payments based on how often the child is not in your care.

5. Ability to Make Payments

Finally, the court considers your ability to make child support payments. For example, if you are not able to work due to disability, you will not be expected to pay as much as somebody who makes $120,000 each year.

6. Child Support Attorneys Can Help 

Are you unsure which kind of child support payments are fair? Do you want to make sure that you have the resources necessary to receive fair payments? A child support attorney can help you navigate the process. Set up a consultation today.