What Is A Modification In Terms Of Family Law?

20 March 2020
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When a family law court makes a decision, the judgment is rarely set in stone. Even when dealing with parties that are getting along well and doing the right things, circumstances change. That means the people involved and the court sometimes have to change with the situation. One mechanism that's regularly used to address such challenges is the modification. Let's take a look at what a modification is and how a family law services firm might deal with that sort of request. Read More 

How Corporate Lawyers Help Businesses After Minutes Mistakes

17 February 2020
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Business minutes are a critical park of any meeting and help keep track of what happens during these events. However, there can easily be mistakes in the minutes that nobody catches until it is too late. And while these mistakes may not seem like a big deal, they may cause legal troubles that require a high-powered corporate lawyer to properly assess and sort through. Small Minutes Mistakes May Be a Real Problem Read More 

Is It Time To Retain A Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

16 January 2020
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It can be hard to cover all of your financial obligations and your medical bills when you are hurt on the job and you are not able to work for a time. You might only be out of work for six months, or it could be a lot longer than that. Either way, you might not want to move forward with your workers' compensation claim on your own. Instead, you will want to consider retaining a workers' compensation attorney if you find that either of the following applies to you. Read More