The Purpose Of A Divorce Preliminary Hearing

12 December 2017
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After filing for divorce, you will most likely need to attend a court hearing within just a few weeks. This hearing is called a preliminary hearing, and it is a vital step in a divorce. If this is your first divorce, you probably have questions about the purpose of this hearing. Here are several important purposes of a preliminary hearing in your divorce case: It Is Designed to Make Temporary Decisions Read More 

Understanding the Different Types of Injunctions You Can Request During a Divorce

14 November 2017
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An injunction is a court order that compels a person to stop or start doing a specific thing. If you are going through a divorce, you can use an injunction to help you with difficulties that may crop up during the process. Here are the three forms of injunctions you may use: Temporary Restraining Order A temporary restraining order is one of the most common forms of injunctions divorcing couples see; this is what you should seek if you need emergency relief from an injustice. Read More 

Understanding Separation Agreements

19 October 2017
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If you are thinking of separating from your spouse, you may be considering a formal separation agreement. However, you may know little about making the agreement or what needs to be included in the document. Here are a few details about separation agreements to help you better understand them: A Separation Agreement Is a Contract A separation agreement is considered a contract. The agreement, which is made between two spouses, must be signed, indicating the legality of the agreement or the mutual decision to live separately. Read More 

Tips For Creating Your Estate Plan

20 September 2017
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Death is inevitable, but there are many people that fail to realize it is possible for them to help minimize and manage the problems their passing can cause. This is a particularly important concern for those with children or other dependents that would be unable to support themselves. In order to protect these individuals, you should utilize a comprehensive estate planning approach: Create A Comprehensive List Of Your Assets And Bank Accounts Read More 

Commercial Building Construction: Working With Your Contractor

13 September 2017
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If you're the owner of a commercial land lot and want to build, enlisting the expertise of a contractor is one of the first tasks you'll complete. Your contractor is your partner throughout the entire ordeal, and can help make your building perfect. However, if you don't have much experience with these professionals, the following pointers could help. Understand and Negotiate Contract Terms  Your contractor will offer you their standard contract before they start work. Read More