Have You Been Involved In A Truck Accident? Here Are 4 Ways A Lawyer Helps

20 September 2021
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A truck accident can result in horrific aftermath due to its enormous size. Common causes of these accidents include driving too close to other cars, speeding, ignoring truck laws, drunk driving, and many more. If you are involved in a truck accident, you should contact a truck accident lawyer to help you navigate the following complexities.

Determine the Liable Party

Truck accidents are usually complicated and can prove difficult when determining the liable parties. For example, it might appear as though the truck driver was at fault while it was a manufacturer's mistake. Other times it might be a hitch on the government or employer's side. Either way, you need a competent lawyer to look into the situation to prove that you are not at fault by determining the true cause of the mishap. 

Collect Crucial Evidence

Part of determining who is to blame in the accident includes collecting all the necessary evidence. This can be done in various ways, including talking to witnesses and inspecting the accident scene. 

Other ways of collecting evidence include but are not limited to checking the following:

  • The truck's black box

  • Your medical report

  • The extent of damage on your vehicle

  • Inspecting the truck that caused the accident

  • Checking the driver's employment history and qualifications.

Ensure the Insurance Company Does Not Fail to Compensate You

Even though it might be evident that the truck driver is to blame for an accident, their insurance company can do everything possible to deny responsibility. They can even use tactics such as getting you to sign a letter with a compensation amount they feel you deserve. Without a truck accident lawyer, you might fall for this trick, thus significantly lowering your chances of higher compensation. Sometimes the amount offered might seem like enough to cover all your current medical expenses, but some injuries take longer than anticipated to heal. So, you need your lawyer to help you make the right decision. 

Do All the Talking for You

After an accident, you can expect to receive calls from insurance companies for details surrounding the event. Since you are still disoriented, you might say stuff that might jeopardize your claim, and some insurance agents might purposely try to confuse you into saying something wrong. If you have an injury lawyer, you can direct all calls to them to help you relax and focus on your healing.

The worst mistake you can make after a truck accident is not having a lawyer by your side. As seen from the above points, a truck accident lawyer is the best chance you have for fair compensation.

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