Two Legal Questions About What Happens If You'Re Bitten By A Dog

15 December 2022
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Were you bitten by a dog and suffered a serious injury? It's possible that the owner of the dog is responsible for what happened, and you feel that you are owed compensation for the damage that you suffered. Here are two legal questions you will likely have about this unique type of personal injury case. 

How Are State Laws Different Concerning Dog Bites?

Be aware that there are different laws regarding dog bite-related injuries when it comes to the first dog bite incident. Some states have a one-bite rule, meaning that a dog owner is held to a different standard the first time their dog bites someone. This is because a dog may not show any aggressive tendencies, and the first time they bite someone it is sudden and unexpected.

However, after an incident where the dog bites another person, the owner is then aware of the dog's nature and how they are capable of biting somebody. The owner would then be held liable for dog bite injury for a second bite. Only a few states have one-bite rules, but it can make a big difference in your personal injury case. If a state does not have a one-bite rule, then the owner of the dog would be liable for the injury if it is the first time the dog has ever bitten somebody. 

Can You Still Sue If Your State Has A One Bite Rule?

Know that you are not completely out of luck if you're bitten by a dog in a state that has a one-bite rule. Each state has its own exceptions to the laws where you could still sue the dog's owner. For example, the exception could be based on how bad the dog bite was in terms of the injury that was caused. If the dog was supposed to be on a leash at all times when outside, having the dog not on a leash could cause the one-bite rule to not apply. 

It can be complicated to navigate the laws regarding dog bite-related injuries because there are so many factors at play. That's why it is always worth working with a lawyer that specializes in dog bite cases. They know the laws at the state and county level and can let you know how the law applies to your situation. You may be surprised to learn that you can actually get compensation for your injury.

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