3 Types Of Abuse Your Loved One May Experience In A Nursing Home

6 July 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog

Everyone moves their loved one to a nursing home, expecting their needs to be completely met. Unfortunately, this sometimes doesn't happen. The needs of your loved one might not be met, making their life quite uncomfortable. The nursing staff might not show care and compassion to them as expected. In this case, you need to know the best steps to take to get justice for the abuse and mistreatment your loved one experiences. Dealing with nursing home abuse can sometimes be tricky because the evidence may be tampered with, delaying the process. However, a nursing home abuse lawyer can help you through the process and ensure you are compensated. Here are three types of abuse your loved one may experience in a nursing home.

They Could Be Physically Abused

Your loved one can sometimes experience physical abuse in a nursing home. It's good to know that physical abuse doesn't just involve slapping and violence. It could also involve moving the resident in a manner that causes pain and harm. Leaving residents in dirty or soiled clothing is also a form of nursing home abuse. Marks, burns, and bruising could also indicate that the resident experienced physical abuse. Unfortunately, you may not identify signs of physical abuse if you are not keen. A keen person will easily know something is amiss if they notice signs like loss of hair and appetite, unexplained bandages, unusual emotional behavior, unexplained medication, or a trip to the emergency room.

They Could Be Sexually Abused

It's sometimes hard to think or believe someone seeking medical care in a nursing home could be sexually abused. But it happens, and you shouldn't assume it. Sexual abuse cases are rampant in some nursing homes, though it's sometimes hard to establish the cause. Sadly, you may not easily notice that a resident has been sexually abused because the perpetrators often tamper with the signs. It's usually tricky, mainly when the victim isn't able to talk about it. However, certain signs such as pelvic injuries, discomfort when sitting down, or unexplained blood spots in underwear could help you realize that your loved one was sexually abused.

They Could Be Psychologically Abused

A resident could also be psychologically abused in a nursing home. Usually, psychological abuse is in various forms, such as bullying and intimidation, which could later cause health issues. Being withdrawn from group activities in the facility could also be a form of psychological abuse. Moreover, verbal abuse, denied access, threats, and name-calling are forms of psychological abuse a resident could experience. If the problem isn't resolved in good time, it could lead to anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and depression.

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