Filing A Lawsuit For A Spinal Cord Injury After A Motorcycle Accident

8 June 2022
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Was your motorcycle rear-ended by a large vehicle and the impact sent you flying off the bike? Motorcycle injuries are often the worst in a collision because there is nothing to protect the rider from making direct contact with the other vehicle, the ground, and anything else that they may come into contact with. If the impact of the collision caused you to land in a fashion that injured your spinal cord, you must make sure you are properly compensated. If the injury changed your life and the damage to your spinal cord is expected to be permanent, the other party should be held responsible for your current and future distress. Hire a lawyer who has helped other clients who were involved in similar incidents, as they can help fight for your rights and give you more info.

How Has the Spinal Cord Injury Affected Your Body?

Minor spinal injuries can usually be repaired by undergoing surgery, but a severe injury can cause life-changing consequences. If you were told by your physician that you have a severe spinal injury that is expected to be permanent, show a lawyer evidence by supplying him or her with medical documents. By signing a release, a lawyer can also obtain the medical records on your behalf. Explain how the injury affects your body, such as your ability to walk, move your arms, and breathe. Let the lawyer know if you will require any special medical equipment or therapy so he or she can ensure you are fairly compensated.

Are You Able to Work & Make a Living?

How were you taking care of your living expenses before the accident happened? For instance, did you have a job, or were your expenses taken care of by your spouse? The reason a lawyer will need your employment information is to determine how the spinal injury affected your ability to earn an income. If you lost the ability to work altogether, it is a major change in your life that could cause a future of financial difficulties. Fortunately, a lawyer can help you obtain enough money to take care of your future living expenses.

Who is Allegedly At-Fault in the Collision Report?

No matter who the authorities said was at fault in the collision report, the claim is only alleged and can be contested. A lawyer will investigate the collision whether you are said to be at fault or not. The reason is so he or she can gather solid evidence for your defense if the other party files a counterclaim in the lawsuit. Proving you are the victim is an important step to obtaining compensation.