Under What Circumstances May You Need To Hire A Real Estate Tax Attorney? Read On!

29 March 2022
 Categories: Law, Blog

As a real estate property owner, you are unlikely to avoid property taxes. However, you don't want to pay taxes that exceed the value of your property. Unfortunately, property tax issues arise when least expected, and you have to deal with them accordingly. And because property tax issues are usually delicate, your should contact a real estate tax attorney to intervene on your behalf. They understand everything concerning real estate or property taxes and can help you whenever you have a property tax issue to deal with. But under what circumstances might you need to hire a real estate tax attorney? Keep reading!

A Property Appraisal Is Being Disputed

Usually, an estimated value is placed on your property before you are taxed. However, it's good to know that the appraisal can sometimes be inaccurate. Certain aspects can lead to an inaccurate appraisal, and you shouldn't be unaware. For instance, if the property tax is billed based on a previous appraisal, you may experience tax inaccuracies, especially if the real estate market has been on a sharp downturn. This means that the taxes might be higher than your property's current value. In this case, you should hire a real estate tax attorney to remedy the situation.

Tax Authorities Have Contacted You

The tax board can send you a letter over property taxes, which can happen in varying circumstances. They may do it to remind you that you owe them additional money or didn't pay your taxes in full as you thought. The tax authority could also contact you over your divorced spouse's property taxes. Do you now see that the tax authority can claim you owe them taxes you aren't aware of? Here's what you should do: Don't reply to the tax authority when you receive the letter. Instead, take it to a real estate tax attorney for guidance. Give the attorney all the information they need to help them develop a reliable defensive strategy.

You Haven't Paid Some Property Tax

Failure to pay property tax can get you into serious problems. For instance, you may be involved in a costly process and eventually lose your home. Although the process might take time to complete, you shouldn't assume you are safe. Actually, the process may be more complicated and take even longer if you aren't paying all the accrued taxes at once. This can be quite overwhelming on your side, but a real estate tax attorney can help simplify the process. They will negotiate with the relevant authority and seek a resolution that works for you. With the lawyer's input, you will keep your home and be allowed to pay the accrued taxes within an agreed period.