Single Vehicle Accidents And Taking Legal Action

22 February 2022
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It's difficult enough to drive in traffic without being involved in an accident. In some cases, accidents happen when there are no other vehicles around. Read on and find out what victims can expect after a single-vehicle accident.

Finding Fault

While many accidents do involve other vehicles, you can also have a wreck involving road barriers, animals, ice, and more. If you accidentally crash into a tree after leaving the roadway, your own insurance will probably pay for your vehicle repair and any medical expenses. The same goes for collisions with wildlife, roadway barriers and signs, and when you skid due to weather conditions or poor visibility.

Vehicle Malfunctions

For those who are physically injured in a car crash that can be blamed on a malfunctioning vehicle, speak to a personal injury lawyer about acting against the vehicle manufacturer or the maker of the bad part. For example, you might sue the brake manufacturer when your brakes fail. Your lawyer can help you identify who the defendants should be after such an accident. In many cases, others have also had problems with the same issue.

Road Hazards

Any time you encounter something in the road that you did not expect and wreck your car as a result, you may be entitled to compensation. However, it can be difficult to identify who to sue. Road debris like nails or even large pieces of furniture can cause problems with blowouts and swerving to avoid the item but you cannot always locate the party that allowed the debris to be there. However, if you crash because of the below issues, the defendant may be clearer:

  1. Cities, counties, and states can be sued if they allow the roads to be unsafe for travel. For example, a lack of lighting, signage, barriers, warning barrels, and other negligent actions could lead to serious wrecks. Boulders that roll down hills, dead trees that fall into the roadway, and malfunctioning traffic control devices can all cause collisions with injuries.
  2. Road construction can be ongoing nearly everywhere but the company in charge of the project carries the burden of protecting travelers from harm. They must use clear and abundant signage and control measures to redirect vehicles safely and effectively. If they don't, accident victims can act against them for failing to use due care.

Just because other vehicles were not involved is no reason to take on the blame for a single-car accident. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about your accident today and get compensated.

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