Don't Talk To The Police Without A Lawyer When Facing A DUI Charge

13 January 2022
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When the police believe that you are under the influence of alcohol, they might wish to talk to you. If you believe that you're innocent, you might believe that you can explain the situation to the police officer and avoid charges. However, this almost always backfires and can lead to your words being twisted and used against you. Instead, it's always better to talk to a DUI lawyer first.

You Might Incriminate Yourself

By talking to the police, you might be tricked into making a statement that could be interpreted as a confession. You might also end up with a more severe sentence than you otherwise would have received. You have a right to remain silent and can use this right to wait until you are allowed to speak to an attorney.

The Police Aren't Telling the Truth

The police can and will lie to you. However, if you lie to the police, you can face serious consequences. For example, the police officer might claim that the judge will be more lenient if you talk to them, but the officer actually has no influence over the decision that the judge will ultimately make.

The DUI Attorney Will Prevent You from Making a Mistake

When an attorney is present, they will try to stop you when they believe that you might be incriminating yourself. Also, if you are offered a deal at any point, your DUI lawyer will help you determine whether this deal is worth accepting. 

A DUI Attorney Can Save You from Being Convicted of a DUI

The sooner you involve a DUI lawyer in your case, the more likely it is that you will win your case. For example, if you are charged with a DUI after a breathalyzer determines that you had a blood alcohol content above the legal limit, your attorney may be able to acquire the breathalyzer and determine that it was not functioning properly at the time that the test was performed.

Breathalyzers often need to be recalibrated to be able to produce an accurate reading. The smaller handheld breathalyzer is not as accurate as the stationary breathalyzer kept at a police station. 

There are also older breathalyzer machines that are not as accurate as newer machines but are still used by some police departments. If your case goes to trial, your DUI attorney will likely make an argument for why you should be acquitted of all charges.