Some Of The Ways A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You In A Financial Way With A Case

3 July 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog

One of the main reasons people consider hiring a lawyer is due to an injury matter. Car accidents are among the most common ways people get hurt, and quite often people don't get the legal help they need to get a fair settlement from the insurance company or the driver at fault. Everyone hopes for fairness, but that rarely happens if an injury is serious. With medical bills and other financial losses stacking up, a good car accident lawyer can help you in a financial way with your case.

Analyzing and Starting a Case for You

Car accident lawyers are in the business in helping get a just financial compensation for the damages they have sustained. Many people don't have a lot of extra money when they can't work or pay medical bills due to injuries. For this reason, most accident lawyers work on a contingency retainer agreement. They offer a free legal consultation and analysis of your case, and they will help you evaluate all of the medical expenses now and what may come later, and put a fair price tag on your damages. They will not charge you a dime for these services, including court document filings and other expenses until a settlement occurs. This will allow you to focus on your case without having to worry about more debt with a lawyer.

Procuring Pre-Settlement Funds for You

While many, if not most accident cases, are settled within a matter of weeks or months, some can drag on longer. Most people need money right away to pay bills and manage medical costs for their injuries. This is why so many accident lawyers help their clients get upfront money for their expenses. In some cases, this means negotiating with the insurance company to pay at least some of the costs that they agree with, even though a final settlement may not yet be agreed upon. In other situations, the law firm your lawyer works for may front some money to you to help you cover your expenses, and this money will be reduced from whatever settlement you receive. There are also companies in the business of offering loans to people expected to receive a settlement, and your lawyer may connect you with a company that offers these services for injury clients. This will help you get money now that you need until your case is resolved.

A good accident lawyer is in the business of helping people in need due to injury. Lawyers want their clients to be fairly treated, and they do what they can to help them get the funds they need to live comfortably while providing legal services.