High-Profile Criminal Defense Attorneys: How They Get The Level Of Notoriety They Do

1 November 2019
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If you have ever followed criminal cases of the wealthy and famous, you probably wonder how the criminal defense attorneys in these cases are chosen. Clearly, they are high-profile lawyers, but how did they end up as high-profile lawyers? More to the point, could anyone else get such a high-profile defender? If you are currently engaged in a case where you are charged with a big crime and you are wondering if a high-profile lawyer might defend you, here is what you need to know about these attorneys. 

These Attorneys Often Work for Law Firms That Only Represent High-Profile Clients

It should not surprise you that these attorneys often work for law firms that only represent the wealthy and famous (or infamous, as the case may be). Unless you are somebody that a lot of people recognize or you have millions in a bank account, you probably are not going to be able to hire a single lawyer from one of these firms. Unless there are some truly extraordinary circumstances surrounding your case that would possibly put your case in the limelight of the nation, it might be very difficult indeed to convince a high-profile lawyer to defend you. 

They Get the Level of Notoriety They Do Because They Are Really Good

These lawyers get the level of notoriety that they have not just because they defend celebrities. They get the notoriety they have because they are really good lawyers who can argue circles around the plaintiff or district attorney. Their defense record with innumerable wins speaks for itself, and they love a good challenge. This is probably why you were thinking about hiring such a high-class lawyer. You know that he/she can win. Unfortunately, the previously mentioned information still applies. 

If You Want and Need a Good Defense, There Are Plenty of Lawyers Closer to Home

The other problem is that most of these famous lawyers defending famous people are not licensed to practice criminal law in your state and jurisdiction. Even if you were famous and/or wealthy and you could hire such a lawyer, he/she cannot defend an out-of-state client. The good news is that none of that matters since there are plenty of really good lawyers where you live. Find an affordable criminal defense lawyer with an impeccable defense record right where you are. Then hire him/her to take your case and defend to the end. 

Reach out to a criminal defense attorney near you to learn more.