Discrimination Lawyers Promote Fairness

23 September 2019
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If you've ever filled out an application for a job, you've probably noticed several questions that are always present. These are the discrimination questions. Companies are legally obligated to be fair in their hiring practices, and they post these questions in applications in order to prevent any kind of discrimination. One of these important questions has to do with disability and whether or not a candidate has a disability and may require special accommodations to do a job. If you have a disability and are hired by a company that is aware of your needs, you have legal protections. Anyone who has had their rights violated should seek the help of a disability discrimination attorney.

Job Requirements That Weren't Agreed to By You

Employers can make a job almost impossible for people with certain disabilities, especially if they change the terms of employment. If you have been assigned tasks or have been given physical demands that go beyond what the initial terms were, you may have a legal case. An employer who knowingly or negligently makes a job harder could potentially be liable for certain damages. If you lose your job over not being able to keep up with new changes, or if you just want the requirements to be changed back to what was initially agreed to, a lawyer can help you negotiate these concerns with an employer.

Job Accommodations Haven't Been Provided

As mentioned above, one of the questions in most applications is about whether or not you need accommodations. If you select yes and outline what those needs are, and if you are hired, they have made an agreement to meet those needs. If you start working and those needs are not met, or if they are initially met but then later taken away, then you may have a legal complaint. For example, if you were in a wheelchair and needed certain ramp access to the building and that was supposed to be provided and wasn't, then you may have a legal claim. This might also be true if a ramp is provided but isn't in good repair or gets damaged and is never fixed.

Job Harassment by an Employer or Other Employees

Something that sometimes goes overlooked is harassment. If anyone with a disability is harassed because of that disability, whether by an employer or another employee, there may be a legal violation. Any harassment isn't okay, but harassment specific to a disability may fall under certain discrimination laws. If you are unable to safely do your job, it's important to get help to get the harassment to stop. A lawyer can help make this stop immediately for you by submitting a demand letter to cease and desist. They can also file a complaint with the state on your behalf against the business. They may even file a lawsuit.

Being able to work and contribute your talents should be something all capable people enjoy. Many disabled people are still able to do many of the same jobs people without a disability can do. If you are dealing with any of the above discriminations, that can make life miserable, and seeking the help of a lawyer is needed.