Being Trapped In An Elevator Can Result In Emotional Distress, Resulting In These Issues

19 August 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog

When people think of elevator injuries, they often imagine an elevator plummeting several stories to the ground, resulting in catastrophe. While such incidents can occur, there are other types of elevator injuries that are more likely to happen — including those of an emotional nature. Upon being trapped in an elevator, especially for an extended period of time, you may develop significant emotional distress from the incident. Being trapped in such an environment, especially if you were alone and were worried about the elevator falling to the ground floor of the building, is a serious issue — and one that a personal injury law firm might help you with. Here are some issues that can result from this type of emotional distress.

Needing To Move

Being trapped in an elevator can be so upsetting to you that you no longer want to ride in one. Taking the stairs is an option, but if you live in an apartment or condo building — and especially if you're on an upper floor — taking the stairs each time you need to go up or down might not be practical. Moving can be expensive and difficult, and your personal injury attorney may help you to bring a case against the building in which the elevator incident occurred — ideally, resulting in you securing damages that will help with your moving costs.

Fear Of Tight Spaces

It's easy to imagine that you can develop feelings of claustrophobia when you've been trapped in an elevator. This can especially be true if the elevator was small, or if it was crowded and there was little in the way of space for you to move around. A pronounced fear of tight spaces is something that can plague you in a number of ways. For example, think of all the small areas in which you find yourself; you may get stressed upon entering each of them.

Expensive Therapy

It may be necessary for you to take therapy after you've been trapped in an elevator as a way of working through the emotional distress you're facing. Help may be forthcoming, but you'll pay a significant amount of money to get there. When you feel as though your need for therapy has a direct link with your elevator incident, a personal injury attorney may be keen on taking up your case with the goal of getting you damages that will offset the cost of your pricey therapy sessions.