A Few Things Not To Do When Involved In A Child Custody Case

26 September 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog

Whether you are in the process of getting a divorce, fighting to keep or get custody from the other parent, or renegotiating an existing custody order, things can be nasty, stressful, and emotional. However, it is also not a time to let the other parent find anything they can use against you, so you need to be able to remain civil. If you find that you are having trouble playing nice, or the other parent is making things very difficult for you, hire a child custody lawyer and let them deal with things. To keep everything good on your side, here are a few things you should avoid doing no matter how upset you get.

Withhold Visitation

If there is a court order for visitation, even a temporary one you need to stick to it. If there is no order yet and the other parent is not dangerous to the children, you need to make some kind of arrangement together. The child deserves to be involved with both parents; don't keep them from having a relationship with the other parent just because you can't stand this person any longer. If you really cannot be in the same room with your ex, you can have your lawyer take and pick up the children for visits.

Bad Mouth the Other Parent When the Children Can Hear

Even though you may feel the other parent is trash, they are still your children's parent. When you say bad things about your ex and the children can hear it can make them feel bad about themselves too. Remember, they still love this person, and you don't want them to feel bad about that. It is best to not say anything when the children are in the area. You would be surprised how often they hear things from a different room when you did not want them to hear them. In addition, do not go on a rant on social media or online anywhere, it is too easy for your kids to find and read it. Finally, don't argue or fight with the other parent when your kids are around. Not only will it affect the kids, but it can also make the judge think twice about your ability to properly raise them.

It is always best to have experienced legal counsel when you are going through a child custody situation. Even if you think you can remain civil through it all, and you and the other parent have come to a good, reasonable agreement, things can change in an instant. Don't risk your custody or the respect of your children -- get a lawyer.