5 Reasons To Hire A Criminal Law Attorney After Being Charged With A Crime

12 April 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog

When you're arrested and charged with a crime, you should take the matter very seriously. While you are legally allowed to represent yourself in court for a criminal case, it is not recommended. As soon as you are released from jail, the first thing you should do is hire a reputable criminal law attorney. Some of the top reasons to hire a criminal law attorney include.

1. Understanding the Law

A criminal law attorney will understand the law and know what you are being charged with. He or she will also know the potential consequences that you can face depending on what you were charged with. There are also different levels of offenses for the same crime, such as first degree aggravated assault and second degree aggravated assault-- an attorney will know the difference between these types of charges.

2. Gathering Evidence

If you want to build a strong defense, you need to have evidence. However, most people have no idea of how to gather evidence or build up a defense prior to a court date. An experienced criminal defense attorney will analyze the police report, listen to your account of what happened prior to the arrest, and then begin gathering evidence to build a defense on your behalf.

3. Knows What to Expect

A criminal law attorney will have a deep understanding of the court system and what to expect during a criminal trial. When you have an attorney, you can turn to him or her for guidance and to answer any questions that you may have. You will also have the peace of mind of knowing that your attorney will make sure that all paperwork and documentation is submitted to the court as required. 

4. Ability to Get Charges Lessened 

In some cases, you may be charged with one thing at the time of the arrest, but it may be possible to have those charges lessened to a different charge through the court. However, this is something that most people will have no idea of how to do on their own. Your criminal law attorney will use his or her skills and expertise to attempt to have charges lessened or even dropped.

5. Negotiate a Plea Deal

If your attorney determines that you do not have a good chance of being acquitted in a trial, he or she may suggest accepting a plea deal. You can count on your attorney to negotiate with the prosecutor for the state to secure a plea deal that is as favorable as possible.