How To Get Approved For Supplemental Security Income Disability Benefits For Depression

12 February 2018
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Depression has a significant affect on a person's ability to function normally. It is a mental illness. This condition makes you constantly feel empty, hopeless, unworthy and sad. These feelings can continue for years if left untreated.

Depression affects every aspect of your life including work. You may see a decline in your progress at work. It can ultimately lead to you not working at all. Read on to find out how to get supplemental security income (SSI) disability benefits for depression.

Get Medical Records To Support Your Condition

To qualify for SSI based on a mental disorder, your medical records must meet certain criteria. Your depression must cause difficulty in certain areas. These areas include social functioning, activities of daily living, the inability to maintain concentration and had repeated occurrences of being in a depressive state.

If depression is interrupting your regular lifestyle, then you have to show how. For example, if you had to check in a mental hospital because of suicidal thoughts. This hospital stay is a record of your condition. Hospital records are evidence that depression is disrupting your quality of life.

Schedule An Appointment With A Lawyer

It is hard to get approved for SSI benefits based on mental health. For this reason, you can benefit from getting help from a disability attorney. Your lawyer can help with filling out your form. The form may include terminology that the average person is not familiar with. There are going to be questions on this form to rule out certain people. For example, SSI forms may have questions about your television viewing habits to disqualify you from benefits. A lawyer from a law firm like Jeffrey Buskirk & Associates can help you answer the questions in a way to support your SSI disability claim.

List Good References

The SSI Disability office is not going to just take your word. They are going to want to hear from others about your condition. For these reasons, you will have to include a list of references with your form. These references may include relatives, friends and employers. They will ask questions about your daily lifestyle. It is important that you notify your references that the SSI office will be calling them.

If you are ready to apply for benefits, then you can apply online. To get approved, you have to provide detailed evidence. This means getting records from your medical doctor, psychologist, and employer. You must show that your depression prevents you from working at your job.