Important Information For Auto Accident Victims

9 August 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog

After you are involved in an auto accident, you may find yourself wondering about your options for restoring your quality of life and recovering from the damages that you suffered. In many instances, automobile accidents can involve sizable expenses that will have to be paid to correct these losses. For example, you may find that your vehicle is requiring major repairs or you need extensive treatment.

Will Your Ability To File A Lawsuit Be Limited To The Other Driver Or Their Insurance?

As you are considering your options for recovering damages, you need to be aware of the various parties that you may be able to sue. Unfortunately, people often assume that they may only file a lawsuit against the other driver or their insurance carrier. Yet, there may have been other parties that were responsible for the accident or the damages you suffered. For example, your vehicle's airbags or other safety features may not have activated, which can allow you to pursue a product liability claim. Attorneys are trained to help their clients evaluate the full range of parties that may be held responsible for the damages that were caused.

Will The Insurance Cover The Full Costs Of Your Damages And Medical Treatments?

You might assume that your insurance claim will result in all of the damages you suffered being covered. However, the amount of insurance that the other driver has available can limit the compensation that can be recovered by victims. If you find that the insurance policy will not cover the full extent of your losses, you may have to take civil action against the other driver directly.

What Types Of Factors Will Impact The Strength Of Your Claim?

As you proceed through the process of evaluating your legal options, it is important to note that there are many factors that could impact the quality of your case. These factors will often include actions that you have taken that may contribute to the severity of the accident. This could include things such as failing to wear a seatbelt or driving above the speed limit. While these mistakes may not fully inhibit your ability to seek a claim against the other driver, the laws of your state may result in the amount of compensation you receive reduced based on the estimated role that these contributing factors played. Therefore, it is critical for individuals with these complicating factors to retain an attorney so that their rights are protected throughout the process of filing a claim or pursuing legal action.