4 Tips For Having Your Deposition Recorded

25 July 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you're involved in a lawsuit, you may need to have a deposition. This is a time when you will meet with the attorney for the other party. It's common for these to be videotaped because this can be viewed again at a later date when necessary. You may feel a bit anxious about this legal video conference, and it's in your best interest to be prepared in advance for it. Being aware of some tips that can allow this meeting to be successful may be helpful to you:

Tip #1: Reduce distracting noise

One thing you will want to do is to ensure you get the highest quality video possible recorded. It's a very good idea to eliminate noises that may interfere with the deposition.

For instance, be sure to turn off your cell phone during this time to assist with reducing unwanted distractions. Other good ideas include not fidgeting with papers or moving around a lot while being recorded because this can cause noise.

Tip #2: Speak clearly

You will want to ensure all of your words are heard and this will require you to speak loudly and clearly. Be sure to avoid mumbling or not using the microphone when you're being asked any questions.

Tip #3: Don't talk to another person

To get the easiest video to listen to and replay, you will want to be sure that only one individual is speaking at a time. If there is another person talking, you will want to wait until this person is done before you do so.

It will take much longer to edit a video when multiple people are trying to speak at the same time.

Tip #4: Cover mic when necessary

When consulting with your lawyer or even a friend you may have brought with you for support during this conference, you will want to keep your mic covered. All of the sounds in the room can be picked up quickly, and this can result in a deposition that isn't as clearly understood as it should be.

The key to getting through this important meeting will rest in knowing what to do and the things you should avoid. You should be mindful at all times when you're having a deposition recorded to help you get the best results. Be sure to work in close collaboration with the law firm representing you to assist you during this time.

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