2 Reasons To Use Mediation When Getting A Divorce

1 May 2017
 Categories: Law, Blog

Divorce mediation is one of the most useful options available to you when you are attempting to divorce your spouse because it can greatly simplify the entire process. When you undergo divorce mediation, the process basically consists of a negotiation between you and your future ex in the presence of everyone's attorneys in order to determine how everything is going to be divided in a fair manner.

In addition, divorce mediation will also have you and your future ex-spouse negotiating support payments and child custody arrangements. Listed below are two reasons to use mediation when getting a divorce.

Much Less Time-Consuming

The primary reason to consider divorce mediation is the fact that it is going to be much less time-consuming than the alternatives. For example, when you go through a normal divorce proceeding, there is a very good chance that you could have the entire process stretched out over the course of months before the divorce is actually finalized. This can be a major problem because during that time you could end up going to court multiple times and potentially missing work in order to complete the divorce proceedings.

However, if you and your future ex-spouse can actually come to an agreement in mediation in a reasonable amount of time, then your entire divorce can be completed in a fraction of the time that it would take to complete normal divorce proceedings. The reason for this is that once you and your ex-spouse come to an agreement and sign the mediation paperwork, the attorneys involved in the process will sign the paperwork and submit it to a judge for approval. Once the judge has looked over the mediation agreement and approved it, your divorce will be finalized, which can often happen in a matter of days or weeks.

Much Less Stressful

Another reason to consider divorce mediation is the fact that it will be much less stressful for everyone involved. The reason for this is that the attorneys for both sides are going to take steps to make sure that the conversations and negotiations remain calm and rational, which should greatly minimize the amount of time that is spent arguing with your future ex-spouse. This lack of argument will not only lead to the entire divorce being much less stressful, but it can also help ensure that you and your ex-spouse are on civil terms when the divorce is finalized, which is very important if you and your ex-spouse will have to continually interact with one another due to the two of you having children together.

Make an appointment with a family law attorney at a law firm like Nelson, McPherson Summers & Santos LC today in order to discuss how divorce mediation may be able to benefit you and if it would be the right fit for your particular situation. You should consider divorce mediation because it is much less time-consuming and less stressful than a traditional divorce.