Help Your Children Get Ready To Move To A New Country With These Tips

3 May 2016
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Whether your family is moving to another country for a new job that you've gotten or another reason, it can be both thrilling and scary for your children to get used to the idea of living somewhere completely new. Luckily, you can help them to become more comfortable with the idea by using the tips below.

Be Open to Their Concerns

One of the most essential things during the entire process of immigrating to a new country is good communication. Your children deserve complete honesty about what is happening so that there are no unpleasant surprises, but more than that, they deserve to have their voices heard. Do your best to listen to their concerns about the trip and don't discourage them from having all kinds of feelings about the move.

It is also important to avoid lying or sugar coating things about how life will be since it might upset them if your words don't match up to reality. If you don't know something, just admit it and seek out truthful answers.

Allow Them to Make Choices

It can be difficult for children to go along with the changes in their lives that happen as a result of their parents' actions. They may feel powerless about such a dramatic move, so it is a good idea to help them feel a sense of control as much as you can by allowing them to make choices about how their life will be in the new country.

Of course, these choices must be age-appropriate. For a child in grammar school, you may allow them to choose the paint on their new bedroom walls. For a child about to enter high school, you might allow them to have a voice in deciding which school to attend if there is more than one.

Visit First

If possible, it is a great idea to visit for a short time before you have to move to your new country for good. Make the visit or visits special for your children; take them to parks, museums, restaurants and other destinations so they can see for themselves what life will soon be like.

Think most about the kinds of activities that your children would be interested in. For instance, if you know that your oldest child loves astronomy, you may want to seek out a planetarium in your new country to help them understand that they can still do things they enjoy. If your youngest child loves basketball, take them to a local game.

Using these ideas can assist you in encouraging your children to embrace the journey ahead. As you work with your family immigration lawyer to get your documents in order, get some ideas from them about other ways you may be able to help your children get ready for this new experience. 

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