How To Give Your Attorney Ammunition For Fighting Your Personal Injury Battle After A Crash

26 April 2015
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To a great extent, the available evidence at an accident scene determines who takes the blame for it. Evidence can include pictures taken by street cameras, skid marks left by car tires, and documentation of injuries, among others. As an accident victim, it is in your best interest to collect, preserve or help your lawyer to access these things. Here is what you can do to help:

Get Witnesses' Statements

Witnesses' statements are essential when it comes to determining the liability of a car crash. Did a witness see the other driving talking on the phone while driving or making a wrong turn? These are the kinds of details that you may use to prove fault, but only if you can get the witnesses to testify for you.

For this reason, it's advisable to talk to the people around the crash site and ask for their statements. Don't forget to get their names and contact information, because your lawyer will want to follow up on the issue and confirm the statements.

Preserve Physical Evidence

In addition to witnesses' statements, physical evidence is also crucial to proving fault in a car crash. It is important to leave the objects in and around the accident scene until the police arrive and write their report. For example, you shouldn't move your car unless it is causing an obvious threat to other motorists, and you are sure you can move it safely. Other examples include not clearing fallen trees from the road and preserving your torn clothing.

Take Photographs

It would be ideal if you could preserve everything at the scene of the accident, but this is not possible. For example, you may need to clear the way to take an injured person to the hospital. Therefore, the next best thing is to take photographs of the scene before it is messed up. Remember to take lots of photographs from different directions to increase your chances of getting useful pictures.

Get Treatment

Lastly, you also need evidence of your injuries, and the best way to get it is to get treated as soon as possible. Taking photographs and videos of your injuries are a good start, but they don't have the weight that certified copies of your medical records and bills will have.

A personal injury lawyer like Heritage Law Group can help you a lot, but you also have to play your part. For example, you need to follow your lawyer's advice and furnish him or her with all the necessary information and documents to handle your care.