2 Ways To Prove Your Auto Accident Case During The Discovery Stage

2 February 2015
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Being involved in a car wreck can be a real challenge. Chances are there will be damage to your car and you may need medical treatment that can be expensive. If the other driver is at fault, it may be necessary for you to file a lawsuit against this individual. Knowing ways to prove your case is the most effective way to help recover your losses.

The Deposition

One of the most critical parts of the civil litigation process involves the deposition. This is the time when you must meet with the defendant's attorney and answer a series of questions that relate to the accident. Before giving a deposition, it is necessary for you to be sworn in under oath. This is to ensure that you are truthful with all of the statements that you provide.

Listed below are inquires you may receive:

1. Was the other driver ticketed for the accident?

2. What was the date of the car collision?

3. Were other people in the car when it happened?

4. What were the weather conditions that day?

5. Were you hospitalized the day of the collision?

6. Were you taking any medication that may have impacted your ability to think clearly?

7.  Did you indulge in any alcohol the day of the accident?

Be sure to fully understand the question you are being asked at the deposition because there will be a court reporter present transcribing what you say, and it may be used in court.

Written Documentation

During the requests for production documents phase of the discovery stage, you will be asked to provide written proof of your losses.

Listed below are types of information you can submit:

1.  Receipts for any medical bills that you have paid for a full recovery.

2.  A statement from your auto repair shop stating the amount of money it will cost to repair or replace your car.

3.  Your employer should write a note stating how much money you have lost because of being unable to work.

4.  Other costs that may include getting your car towed to the mechanic or the expense of going back and forth to the doctor.

Finally, fully recovering from an auto accident will require time and effort. Be prepared ahead of time for the discovery stage to have the most success. Be sure to retain the services of a personal injury attorney like McCourt Law Offices who can guide you legally through this process for optimal results.