Two Reasons Keeping The Wrong Company Could Land You In Legal Trouble

15 January 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog

Back when you were just a kid, there is a good chance you were told that hanging out with the wrong crowd would lead you down the wrong road. As an adult, it is easy to assume that you are grown up enough to not be persuaded to do wrong by other people. You may think that as long as you keep yourself on the straight and narrow path to being a law-abiding citizen, legal concerns and criminal lawyers will never be a matter you will have to address.

However, keeping the wrong kind of company as friends could easily land you in hot water whether you are ever persuaded to take part in criminal activity or not.

You Do Not Always Have to Be Caught Red Handed

Whether you were the one with the stolen goods in your hand or you were just waiting in the car while you thought your friend was grabbing a soda, you can be charged with theft or robbery. In many criminal cases, all parties involved in the occurrence, no matter what degree, can be charged as guilty. Therefore, you do not technically have to be doing anything wrong and you will still be assumed guilty because you were present with the party that committed the crime.

Your family may have done a good job teaching you to be honest, but you should have also heeded warnings about the wrong people.

You Can Be Held Liable for the Drugs of Other People

Have you still got that one friend hanging around that needs a ride every now and then, but you are pretty sure is still stuck experimenting with drugs? If so, you may want to think twice before you let this guy or gal in your vehicle. If you happen to get pulled over and drugs are found by an officer, you will be held liable because the drugs were in your car even if you had no knowledge they were there. Instead of having to frisk every questionable friend you have before giving them a ride, it would be much easier to keep the type of company you keep in check.

In adult life, there are already enough things that will be on your shoulders without adding more to your plate by hanging with the wrong people. In many cases, the soundest advice you can get comes from those who tried to teach you well growing up. You should definitely take note of this fact to avoid having the need for a criminal lawyer for defense (such as Stephen R Wojick)