An Injury Settlement May Be A Cheap Trap

30 December 2014
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An injury settlement amount may be tempting, especially if the settlement involves more money than you've seen before. Unfortunately, such tempting tricks are used by legal experts to avoid bigger responsibilities with a much smaller cost. Consider a few concepts of injury finances, settlement worth and future injury costs before signing any injury amount.

Techniques Used By Opponents For Cheaper Settlements

When your opponent's legal team is developing a plan for addressing your injuries, reducing cost is a top concern. if your opponent can't get out of fault at all, the team will need to look for the cheapest way to pay off your problems with a legally-binding agreement.

In a best case scenario, your injuries will eventually heal. Your opponent will only need to pay immediate medical costs and lost wages unless your legal team is able to demand compensation for other areas. It's perfectly reasonable for your opponent to make an offer for this basic amount.

The basic amount may be enough, but it's difficult to understand exactly how long your injuries will last and what it may cost in the future. Unfortunately, a less reputable legal team may understand the bigger costs, but attempt to mask the higher costs as a non-issue.

For issues such as chemical exposure, the long-term effects may be unclear. Some people may be suspicious of future problems such as cancer or long-term poisoning, but if a substance isn't well known or not known at all, the question might not come up. At that point, it may be wiser for your opponent to keep quiet about the problem. Such exposure information could spiral to larger claims from employees, customers or innocent bystanders also exposed. 

By offering the lowest amount possible to cover your injury costs, a legal opponent may be able to trick victims in a rush to get back to work. To be even more successful, a settlement for double or triple the amount may be enough to distract many victims--especially if the amount is far more than what they expect to make for the year.

Evaluating Your Settlement Worth

To figure out how much you really deserve, you need to understand how much is at stake.

Any injury worthy of a settlement may have the potential to last for years. Years of medical bills, less pay, difficulty working, pain and personal problems can begin an expensive change to your lifestyle.

There are many complex costs that may wait for you as the years continue, but there is one simple issue to understand first: how long will the injury last? Until you know the answer, no finite amount of money will be enough.

Contact a team of personal injury lawyers such as The Law Offices of Stanley Pasternak before signing anything. With the assistance of a lawyer and a team of medical professionals, you can continue to evaluate your condition and draft a settlement negotiation that changes as your condition changes.