3 Factors That Affect Punishments For Drug Crimes

15 December 2016
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Getting charged with a drug crime can leave you with major consequences; however, the punishment you receive will depend on several key factors. If you are currently awaiting a trial for a drug crime, you may wonder what factors will be used to determine your punishment if you are found guilty. Here are the main ones to understand. First offense vs. repeat offense The first thing to understand is that the court may offer leniency to you if this is your first drug offense, and they may be even more lenient if this is your first offense of any kind. Read More 

Can Independent Contractors Sue Over Sexual Harassment Claims?

26 September 2016
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As is often the case when society moves faster than legislation, sexual harassment laws are, in some ways, struggling to keep up with workforce trends. A recent survey conducted by the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that just under 13 percent of the American workforce is now made up of independent contractors, and that number is only expected to grow as the relationship between businesses and workers continues to evolve. But while independent contractors often enjoy greater freedom in their projects and clients, they are less protected by the sexual harassment laws meant to protect more traditional employees. Read More 

Help Your Children Get Ready To Move To A New Country With These Tips

3 May 2016
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Whether your family is moving to another country for a new job that you've gotten or another reason, it can be both thrilling and scary for your children to get used to the idea of living somewhere completely new. Luckily, you can help them to become more comfortable with the idea by using the tips below. Be Open to Their Concerns One of the most essential things during the entire process of immigrating to a new country is good communication. Read More 

Do You Own Property? Familiarize Yourself With Mineral Rights

2 March 2016
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Most homeowners do not know much about mineral rights, but you may someday find yourself being contacted by a company asking to purchase them for your property. With gas and domestic oil being so valuable, selling the mineral rights of your property may seem like a great way to make extra money. However, before you sign away those mineral rights, know the following three things. Know What Part of the Property Would Need to Be Used for Drilling Read More